Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad Blogger

(cut and paste from my other blog)
That last couple of months has been hit or miss.  I am currently undergoing an issue with Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.   I hate it, I don't like it.  Pain is an every day thing and that is where I am now, finding a pain management routine that works for me.  Two cortisone shots (that did not work) later I was scheduled for an RPN this morning (it doesn't sound pleasant at all, let me tell you!) but!! my insurance company DENIED the procedure.  Just a very small rant then I am done… This insurance company (and my employer) made a nice program for us.  If we listen/watch a series of videos we get a benefit check back.  So, I saw they had a half dozen virtual blurbs on pain management and watched them all so that I might learn something and every one of them say "Follow up with your doctor, follow their prescribed regimen… blah blah blah"  to turn around and deny my treatment from my Doctor?  It boggles the mind.  Seriously.  So anyway, enough of that, I realize pain is my only  problem, there is no fixing the joint, it is damaged, it is a maintenance thing.  Constant pain is a depressant and some days I don't do a thing because it saps my energy but at the same time, I don't have a serious disease like so many other brave souls fight every day so in that, out of respect, I won't feel sorry for myself.  A bad day of pain is certainly better than a chemo treatment.
(end cut and paste)

I do not feel I have done the Graveyard Rabbits justice so I am leaving this blog here but I expect this will be the last post.

I love cemeteries and I will go to them for the rest of my days just for the pleasure of it.  I love the history.  Pain comes and goes, if I walk too much, it worsens, if I sit too long, it worsens and so on.  I was already a fidget and this compounds it.  Uneven terrain gets me fast so I am not able to spend the hours wandering a cemetery like I did and so I can't put the time I would like to put into GYR.  I will however continue skimming forums for picture requests and tromping out to get those pictures for those that can not get here, I can do that!  And who knows, if I am inspired you never know what might pop up here.  I think what I will do sometime in the near future is go through and make sure I have posted every picture I have so that maybe someday it will fill in a hole in someones family chart.

It has been a pleasure being a Grave Yard Rabbit, what a wonderful group of people to be associated with!

Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. I've always enjoyed your posts, taking us with you on your visits to cemeteries in the upstate area, and though I haven't commented but once, I feel it important that you know your posts were and are appreciated. I do hope you find an acceptable resolution and relief for your chronic pain and I wish you the best. Susie

  2. I hope you will find a good pain management. My Mama had to deal with chronic pain. Yes, please post your photos already taken. Perhaps one here and there when you are having a good day. You never know who will be looking for them. Best wishes to you.