Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday my daughter and I had a day out and that involved Find-A-Graving in 6 cemeteries, only 5 successful and a great day enjoyed!  I call my daughter the "Stone Whisperer", she always finds the stones!  Yesterday she was elevated to "Super Stone Whisperer" when we got out of the car and I heard, "Wait, found 'em".  Seriously, 5 minutes in the cemetery, it has to be a record.  I didn't mind, it is black fly season and I had forgotten what it was like to be out in them since we don't have our permanent camp set up anymore.

As I went through this one small cemetery, I noticed the new grave marker's placed.  They are all bright white, shiny and new.  So I decided to do a Memorial Day post for these stones.

To everyone who has done their part in keeping our borders and Citizen's safe through these difficult times and times before, Thank You.  These two words do not seem enough for the monumental thing you have done for us but I am a proud American and know that I could not be this if it hadn't been for all of you.  I never forget that.  Every day I remember that.  

Pioneer Cemetery
Ontario County
West Bloomfield, New York

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad Blogger

(cut and paste from my other blog)
That last couple of months has been hit or miss.  I am currently undergoing an issue with Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.   I hate it, I don't like it.  Pain is an every day thing and that is where I am now, finding a pain management routine that works for me.  Two cortisone shots (that did not work) later I was scheduled for an RPN this morning (it doesn't sound pleasant at all, let me tell you!) but!! my insurance company DENIED the procedure.  Just a very small rant then I am done… This insurance company (and my employer) made a nice program for us.  If we listen/watch a series of videos we get a benefit check back.  So, I saw they had a half dozen virtual blurbs on pain management and watched them all so that I might learn something and every one of them say "Follow up with your doctor, follow their prescribed regimen… blah blah blah"  to turn around and deny my treatment from my Doctor?  It boggles the mind.  Seriously.  So anyway, enough of that, I realize pain is my only  problem, there is no fixing the joint, it is damaged, it is a maintenance thing.  Constant pain is a depressant and some days I don't do a thing because it saps my energy but at the same time, I don't have a serious disease like so many other brave souls fight every day so in that, out of respect, I won't feel sorry for myself.  A bad day of pain is certainly better than a chemo treatment.
(end cut and paste)

I do not feel I have done the Graveyard Rabbits justice so I am leaving this blog here but I expect this will be the last post.

I love cemeteries and I will go to them for the rest of my days just for the pleasure of it.  I love the history.  Pain comes and goes, if I walk too much, it worsens, if I sit too long, it worsens and so on.  I was already a fidget and this compounds it.  Uneven terrain gets me fast so I am not able to spend the hours wandering a cemetery like I did and so I can't put the time I would like to put into GYR.  I will however continue skimming forums for picture requests and tromping out to get those pictures for those that can not get here, I can do that!  And who knows, if I am inspired you never know what might pop up here.  I think what I will do sometime in the near future is go through and make sure I have posted every picture I have so that maybe someday it will fill in a hole in someones family chart.

It has been a pleasure being a Grave Yard Rabbit, what a wonderful group of people to be associated with!

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomlinson's Corners Cemetery - Post 5

The last of the headstones in Tomlinson's Corners Cemetery. I found another Mrs John Park. I am not sure if the same John Park.

Mary M

Wife of

John Park


June 17, 1821

In her 35th year.

Amos D
Son of

Thomas & Almira



March 19, 1851

Aged 2 years.

Our Father and Mother

George Greer


Nov 28 1878

Aged 56 years

7 mos & 20 d's

Charlotte M

His wife


June 20, 1878

Aged 57 years

1 mos & 21 d's

John Greeb


April 6th, 1858

To the memory of


Wife of

Jacob Shulters

Jacob Shulters

April 1, 1863

AE 90 yrs 9 mos

& 17 days

John C

Son of

Eli and Laura


Died Jun 25


AE 1 y'r and 6 mo

John Dolbeer


Nov 7, 1838

In his 73d



Memory of

Pallander Barritt

Who died

Oct 20, 1814

Aged 43 years

6 mos 5 days


____ daughter

Of John & Polly

Dolbeer died

April 1807

Cutter Dolbeer


Sept 19, 1846

Age 77 yrs

6 mo.


Wife of

Cutter Dolbeer


Apr 12 1846

Aged 72 years 7 mo

William Nelson

40th (??) NY Vol

Died Apr 14, 1888

Aged 65 Yrs

(Civil War)

Michael Marlatt


July .. 1867 (?)

AE 78 years .. Mo and 15 days


His wife

Died July 17 1842

AE 78 yrs 2 mo

& 11 d's

Liza Hummel


Mar 7 1885

Age ----

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tomlinson's Corners Cemetery - Post 4

In this and the next post are the remaining stones in this cemetery. This surname I found interesting, two spellings for the same name. Claflin and Clafflin. At first I thought the first stone was misspelled by the stone cutter but then there were a few stones with the two different spellings. I am assuming they are the same family, they were buried in the same area. I would love to know why, I am a curious sort but I will probably never know the answer to this.


Wife of John Clafflin


Feb 7 1841

Aged 83 years.

John Claflin, Jr.

John Clafflin


March 17, 1922

Aged 69 years

Henrietta S

Daughter of

Belamy & Esther

Claflin, died

Nov 27, 1828

Aged 2 years.

Belamy Claflin


Feb 14 1834

In his 12 year


Wife of

Amos Knapp


Charles Kimball

Died Jan 16


Aged 36 years


Son of

John E & Marthan



June 9, 1825

John E Tomlinson


March 29, 1845


52 years


Wife of

John E Tomlinson

Born Aug 15 1802(?)

Died Aug 15 1875

George Culver

Son of

Grace Culver


Oct 13, 1836
in his 11th year.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tomlinson's Corners Cemetery - Post 3 - The Parks

At first I just take pictures and transcribe on paper what I cannot read. This family has brought me to a lot of thought in the last week since visiting these graves. People die, it is a fact of life and we don't always want to accept it. In this day in age we have choices to alter how life affects us.

The family of John Park. By a couple of the stones he may have had a wife named Experiance before there was Esther. Too, I see some spaces so wonder if there are missing stones.  I don't remember seeing a stone for Experiance and I did take pictures of every stone there.  Going by the dates of when these children might have been born, it was before the War of 1812 so I am guessing it could be Experiance was a first wife unless there was another John Park. At first I didn't notice or see but then half way down this line of stones that I was taking pictures of it dawned on me that they were all similar in style though sizes varied and this made me stop and read. Then I saw that they were a row of children. Every child died so young and how sad this is. In this day in age if we have problems carrying a child or children, we have the choice not to conceive anymore but how did a family back in this day process this kind of loss? I will not touch on religion in my posts. I am not versed on religion and have no opinion. Everyone believes what they believe. I am coming from the emotional side. How did a young mother feel back then when she was in her fourth or fifth pregnancy and not one child had survived? Was there still joy in the coming birth and God's will was what supported them. (I think I just brought religion into my thinking… ) Or was she apprehensive, afraid to get attached to the child she carried, expecting more loss? I am a tender emotional sort of person and it did touch my heart to see so much loss in one family. John and Mary lived to ripe old ages given the time and I hope that within all the loss they suffered that they did have moments of great joy and happiness.

 John Park
Died Feb 26, 1861
Age 84 Yrs
War of 1812

wife of
Capt John Park
Died Feb 15, 1855
Age 69 years

daughter of
John & Esther
Park, died
June 8, 1836
aged 8 yrs & 13 ds
daughter of
John & Esther
Park, died
Nov 2, 1821

daughter of
John & Esther
Park, died
March 11,

Son of
John & Mary
Park, died
July 2, 1819
aged 11 mo's


 Abner M
son of John & Mary
Park, died
July 4, 1819
in his 4th year.

 Polly S.
daughter of
John &
Park, died
June 12, 1810
aged 3 years, 7 mos
& 16 ds



daughter of
John &
Park, died
Dec 2, 1805


daughter of
John & Experiance
Park, died
Aug 20, 1815
in her 13th year.