Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday my daughter and I had a day out and that involved Find-A-Graving in 6 cemeteries, only 5 successful and a great day enjoyed!  I call my daughter the "Stone Whisperer", she always finds the stones!  Yesterday she was elevated to "Super Stone Whisperer" when we got out of the car and I heard, "Wait, found 'em".  Seriously, 5 minutes in the cemetery, it has to be a record.  I didn't mind, it is black fly season and I had forgotten what it was like to be out in them since we don't have our permanent camp set up anymore.

As I went through this one small cemetery, I noticed the new grave marker's placed.  They are all bright white, shiny and new.  So I decided to do a Memorial Day post for these stones.

To everyone who has done their part in keeping our borders and Citizen's safe through these difficult times and times before, Thank You.  These two words do not seem enough for the monumental thing you have done for us but I am a proud American and know that I could not be this if it hadn't been for all of you.  I never forget that.  Every day I remember that.  

Pioneer Cemetery
Ontario County
West Bloomfield, New York

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